A fitness training class dedicated to burning fat! This class is aimed at keeping your heart rate to the fat burning zone through a mixture of body-weight & equipment exercises

Our AMBUSH 360 BodyFit fitness training class is aimed at keeping your heart rate to the fat burning zone through a mixture of body-weight exercises and exercise techniques using various equipment. High Intensity in nature, the pace of this class is constant to enhance your Cardiovascular Fitness as well as burning many Calories. Beginners are encouraged to start with this class. However, even the fittest individual will find its workload demanding.

Classes are the perfect addition to any Martial Art you want to learn here at TMT. A whole hour of workout with your own body-weight and techniques using various equipment every morning and afternoon, a class that pushes training results to the maximum. AMBUSH 360 BodyFit is a Bootcamp style fitness workout for all levels, absolute beginner to advanced athlete.

Fitness Training in the Tropics of beautiful Phuket – “The Buddha Run”

A very popular part of this our AMBUSH 360 fitness training class is the Buddha run. The Buddha run is a 4km long track to one of the most impressive landmarks in Phuket, a 50m Buddha statue, that overlooks Thailand. The Buddha run is not only beautiful, it shows you from week to week your training results, as you time your way up there.

The Buddha run take place once a week and are only a couple of minutes away from TMT.

Beach Bootcamps & Outdoor classes.

Beach Bootcamp and Outdoor classes are one of the highlights for our guests here at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. Use the sand, the sun and spectacular hill viewpoints to take your workout to the next level. It is a nice occasional change of atmosphere. This class provides a full-body strength and cardiovascular workout in a single hour and it tends to be performed in a group environment. This class will typically include a high level of aerobic conditioning as nearly every exercise type is designed to elevate your heart rate and achieve an aerobic effect. Expect to perform running or jogging, jumping jacks, push ups and squat-thrusts and many more fun movements!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a scooter, TMT takes care of the busses for the whole group. Please note that we meet outside of the front office at 7:20, if it rains (too much) the class will be held at the Fitness Area.

Please note: Our beach and off-camp outdoor classes (Tuesday and Thursday) are cancelled until high season resumes, an alternative class will be held at Camp.