BATTLE CAT - Conditioning for Combat Athletes at TMT

Tiger’s own Combat Conditioning is a world class performance enhancement program designed for competitive fighters and athletes.

The class is non-contact, using fighter training methods in a circuit class environment, with the aim to to prepare the participants for the physical demands that combat sports (MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian-JiuJitsu, Wrestling and Western Boxing) place upon its athletes.This extremely high paced and high intensity class is for athletes with an advanced level of fitness and training.

The class begins with dynamic warmups, mobility based movements, and then we get into the class emphasis of the day which varies from more strength work to energy system training. Followed by a cool down and stretch, as well as discussion about application of exercises as it pertains to combat sports.

We wanted to make sure this class was as thorough as possible in its programming. We wanted to pull on all of the experience of our knowledgeable coaching staff and apply it to an extremely high intensity conditioning class.

Battle Cat – Combat Conditioning is ideal for putting on lean muscle, strengthening tendons and ligaments, improve your overall strength and enhance your cardiovascular level. This class addresses all the physical and mental demands that combat sports place on it’s participants.

If you are looking for a challenging class that will bring you the results you are looking for then this is it.